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Transparency is a key value at Asga. This is why we attach a great deal of importance to communicating our business performance and key figures clearly, precisely and with a transparent timeline.

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As a collective occupational benefits institution, Asga Pensionskasse Genossenschaft works in the interests of member firms and insureds to increase its capital, which is used in full to finance insureds’ benefits. Asga’s Capital Investments sector is responsible for managing the investment portfolio and generating the necessary investment returns.

A co-operative out of conviction

Asga is organised as a co-operative. This ensures a high degree of transparency and gives members a direct say.

Hauptsitz der Asga in St. Gallen

At Asga we cultivate a cooperative style of leadership that places a great deal of emphasis on the human factor – in other words, on you as an employee. You should feel motivated in your work environment and feel a team spirit. This is why we are committed to cordial interaction with one another, a pleasant working atmosphere and modern ergonomic tools.

Employees with higher salaries also have greater requirements in terms of pension provision. Asga Vorsorgestiftung aims to provide retirement benefits in excess of the basic mandatory benefits. Through maximum flexibility, we tailor pension benefits in line with your individual requirements.

The founders of Asga held their first meeting at Hotel Walhalla in St. Gallen on 23 February 1962, marking the birth of a pension fund that continues to be characterised by entrepreneurial spirit and far-sightedness to the present day.


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