Our history

Our history


Ahead of our time – for 60 years

On 23 February 1962, more than 20 years before the current Federal Law on Occupational Retirement, Survivors’ and Disability Pension Plans (BVG/LPP) entered into force in 1985, visionaries surrounding Paul Bürgi recognised the significance of occupational retirement planning and founded Asga, a pension fund that to this day remains a byword for innovation and foresight.

Let us take a look back: The beginnings of occupational retirement planning date back to the 19th century when, in the wake of industrialisation, the proprietors of progressive factories and railway companies established institutions to protect employees and their surviving dependants. It was, however, to be generations later before mandatory 2nd pillar retirement planning was ultimately enshrined in the Swiss constitution in 1972. The corresponding law only entered into force in 1985.

Seen against this backdrop, the step taken by Agsa’s founders can most definitely be acknowledged as a key pioneering achievement, both for employees and for Eastern Switzerland. It was a matter of particular importance to Paul Bürgi that retirement assets accumulated in Eastern Swiss businesses also benefited the region. This was a further factor behind the decision to establish Asga.

62 years of sound and far-sighted work are reflected in Asga’s rock-solid foundation. With a healthy capital base, over 17 000 member firms and more than 160 000 insureds.

These are the people that we support with our wealth of know-how and engagement in order to remain dependable and attractive occupational pension partners in the future too.

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23 February 1962 marks Asga's establishment as a pension fund for the St. Gallen-Appenzell trade and retail associations. Paul Bürgi is its first Chairman.


Asga moves into offices in the commercial building at Oberer Graben 12 in St. Gallen.


The Asga Management Board decides to keep administration separate from the AHV/AVS fund and to hive off Asga.


Changeover to electronic data processing. Processing is initially done on the Kienzle-Magnetkonten computers of the commercial family compensation fund; Asga subsequently buys its own computer.


The Asga Articles of Association are revised and the name changed to "ASGA Pensionskasse des Gewerbes".


Entry into force of the Federal Law on Retirement, Survivors' and Disability Pension Plans (BVG/LPP). The number of insureds doubles to over 15 000 as a result of mandatory coverage.


Asga celebrates its anniversary General Meeting under the heading "25 years of Asga".


Ernst Dobler from Uzwil replaces Paul Bürgi as Chairman after 27 years. Appointment of Paul Bürgi as Honorary Chairman.


Asga generates more than CHF 100 million in annual contributions for the first time. With 3 115 member firms and 19 265 insureds.


Asga appoints an Assembly of Delegates as the highest governing body. It is made up of 50 employer and 50 employee representatives.


Asga moves into the new commercial building at Neugasse 26/28 in St. Gallen. At the same time as the move, the previous NCR 10000 EDP system is replaced by a new Series 3000 AT&T system with a UNIX/Galaxy operating system.


Asga numbers 5 435 affiliated companies, 32 512 insureds, contributions of CHF 175 million and total assets of CHF 2.486 billion.


At the Assembly of Delegates the Articles of Association are revised. The new name is: "ASGA Pensionskasse für KMU aus Gewerbe, Handel, Industrie und Dienstleistung". In place of the Management Board and the Management Committee, a Board of Directors is now responsible for the supervision of the co-operative.


Relocation to the new commercial building at Rosenbergstrasse 16 in St. Gallen. Asga has 57 employees.


Asga is now working together with an insurance partner and so is a one-stop resource for all company employee insurance needs – ranging from occupational pension solutions to daily sickness benefits.


A new Fund Regulation brings improved benefits such as a partner's pension for registered partners, general inclusion of accident insurance, as well as payment of the entire lump-sum benefit to parents and siblings.


Asga establishes "ASGA Vorsorgestiftung" for extra-mandatory pension solutions and "ASGA Dienstleistungen AG" for pension fund administration services.


Asga makes key preparations to implement structural reform and define a new investment structure compatible with current financial market conditions.


Asga celebrates its 50th anniversary, including a fresh communication presence and a new website.

Spring 2014

Asga's total assets reach CHF 10 billion for the first time.


Asga wins an award for the lowest administration costs within the sector for the seventh time (SonntagsZeitung / Weibel Hess & Partner AG, Pension fund comparison)


Stefan Bodmer is elected Chairman of the Board of Directors. Asga takes on its 100th employee.


Asga turns 55 and already numbers more than 100 000 insureds.


Revision of the Articles of Association and change of name to "Asga Pensionskasse Genossenschaft".


Re-election of Board of Directors Chairman Stefan Bodmer for a further four-year term.