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Real estate

Real estate

At home throughout Switzerland: Find out more about our properties and how we go about it when we build.

Portfolio and existing properties

The Asset Management team deals with strategic management of individual existing properties in the Asga Pen-sionskasse Genossenschaft portfolio, including all our directly owned properties in German-speaking Switzerland.

Through active long-term planning, management, implementation and control of measures designed to enhance the value of our properties, our clear goal – as an institutional investor working on behalf of our pension fund members and insureds – is to preserve and increase the value of the properties in which we are invested as well as unlock potential value along the entire value chain. We see each property as an investment that needs to be managed proactively in line with long-term objectives.

In addition, Asset Management is responsible for strategic management of (externally) commissioned management partners that let, administer and look after our properties at an operating level.

Contact person

Christian Rohner

Head of Asset Management Real Estate

Our management partners

Should you have any questions or enquiries about our 130-plus properties, our management partners VERIT Immobilien AG, PRIVERA AG and Wincasa AG will be pleased to provide professional, expert advice and support on a regional basis. Details of the relevant con-tacts can be found simply by moving your mouse across the map.

First-time lettings

Our properties are always let via an external service provider. The commission for a first-time letting is normally advertised on the market on an individual basis. Potential service providers are invited to obtain further information from Real Estate Asset Management at Asga Pensionskasse.

Our evaluation of the first-time letting partner is aimed at ensuring we engage a partner with excellent knowledge of the local market as well as a high degree of professionalism – a partner that is accustomed to planning and implementation as well as creative, innovative marketing measures and is fully versed in the use of a wide variety of marketing tools. Furthermore, we value professional communication and support on the part of all parties involved, with the emphasis on long-term letting at the time of initial occupation.

Prospective tenants will find further information about the various projects by visiting the websites below. For contact details as well as more in-depth information on all aspects of initial letting, please see the website for the specific property in which you are interested.

Contact person

Alessio Auletta

Asset Manager Real Estate

Projects and submission of offers

Over the past few years our real estate portfolio has grown continually thanks to the planning and realisation of various property projects. Our in-house consultant representing us in our capacity as building owners draws on their commissioning skills to provide us with professional support throughout the entire planning, design and build process.We achieve project certainty by consistently monitoring and containing potential future project risks in respect of quality, costs and deadlines.

The choice of partners is both key and elemental to the success of the different phases of planning, design and building. Design and build work calls for versatile construction, organisational and project-specific expertise.

As a cooperative, we attach great importance to safeguarding our members’ interests as well as possible. Our main focus is on two aspects: Careful management of contributions paid in by our members and, within our possibilities, giving consideration to our members when awarding contracts. As an Asga member, you have an opportunity to be involved in our construction projects.

Seize this chance and apply as an Asga member company to work on one of our projects listed below. Your application automatically places your company on the list of tenderers. At the given time, we will send you the tender documents for you to submit your offer. Where possible and subject to an economic viability comparison, we will give Asga member companies preferential treatment when awarding contracts.


Within the scope of our investment strategy, we invest in new-build projects and existing properties. In doing so, we aim to diversify our risks appropriately and achieve a fair market return. Before making an acquisition, we check the real estate with a fine tooth comb down to the last detail. As responsible investors, we attach a great deal of importance to sustainability.


  • The whole of German-speaking Switzerland
  • Small to large towns with their agglomerations
  • Agglomerations of supraregional significance
  • Other locations with preferred locational qualities (e.g. public transport connections)



  • Attractive location/surroundings
  • Good traffic links (public/individual) and infrastructural access
  • Commercial properties at central locations

Investment volumes

  • Existing properties ≥ CHF 10 m
  • Projects ≥ CHF 25 m
  • Maximum approx. CHF 200 m

Investment criteria

  • Market terms
  • Dependent on quality of location and property as well as the development of the general interest environment
  • Solely owned investments
  • Co-ownership (≥ 50%, i.e. no minority participations)
  • Investments in leasehold buildings or projects are possible
  • Residential properties
  • Mixed-use properties
  • Commercial properties
  • Building land / project developments


Excluded are

  • pure hotels
  • shopping centres
  • leisure centres / infrastructure buildings
  • share deals
  • financing / mortgages


  • Mix of properties/apartments in keeping with the location
  • High degree of flexible use and efficiency


  • Good-as-new or completely refurbished properties with a healthy structural fabric, where possible with sustainability certification
  • Older buildings with potential (refurbishment, development reserves, replacement new build)
  • Developed building land included in the zoning plan
  • Contaminated properties (requiring refurbishment) with known cost implications/coverage are permissible

100 % own funds