Visualisierung einer modernen Wohnumgebung

Chur (GR), “Baumweissling” residential estate

The Baumweissling residential estate on Cadonaustrasse in North Chur has rightly been named after a delicate butterfly: Appearing light and airy despite their large volume, the buildings are to be gently embedded in nature in a way that shows great respect for the existing surroundings.

The approx. 120-apartment estate (1.5 to 5.5 rooms) will offer some 240 residents a new kind of living space. The majority of the apartments will face in two directions. In many cases, the built-in balconies demarcate the dining space and the living area, thus creating fascinating spatial constellations and diagonal through-visions. Room-high window openings ensure optimum lighting of the interior spaces and provide a view of the greenery outside or of the imposing surrounding mountainscape.

Current project status: Objection procedure Neighborhood Planning

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