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Asga Vorsorgestiftung

Asga Vorsorgestiftung

Employees with higher salaries also have greater requirements in terms of pension provision. Asga Vorsorgestiftung aims to provide retirement benefits in excess of the basic mandatory benefits. Through maximum flexibility, we tailor pension benefits in line with your individual requirements.

Organisational structure

Asga Vorsorgestiftung was founded in 2009. It is subject to the BVG/LPP and foundation supervisory bodies in Eastern Switzerland and affiliated to the BVG/LPP Guarantee Fund.

Investment management

With the group solution, your savings capital is invested in a pool together with that of other companies. The pooled assets are managed by the investment specialists at Asga Pensionskasse.

Risk benefits and administration

Death and disability risks are covered by a stop-loss insurance contract with Zurich Life Insurance Company Ltd. Administration is handled by the employees of Asga Pensionskasse on behalf of Asga Vorsorgestiftung.

Interest paid by Asga Vorsorgestiftung in 2023

The interest paid on retirement assets of Asga Vorsorgestiftung as part of the group solution was
2 %. The interest for affiliations with individual solutions is decided individually by a resolution of the relevant pension committee. As before, no interest is paid in respect of members who left during the year.

as of 31 Dezember 2023

Number of affiliated companies192
Number of insureds1078
Retirement pensioners49
Total actuarial capital, active insureds and pensionersCHF 102’731’262.75
of which pensioners’ capitalCHF 15’803’751.16
Total actuarial reservesCHF 3’561’467.03
Balance sheet totalCHF 164’210’417.81

Group solution

as of 31 Dezember 2023

Affiliated companies181
Actuarial capital, active insuredsCHF 112’188’350.42
Fluctuation reservesCHF 10’860’196.89
Funded status108,27 %

Individual solution

as of 31 Dezember 2023

Affiliated companies11
Actuarial capital, active insuredsCHF 13’788’911.16
Fluctuation reserves, including free assetsCHF 641’830.01
YearAgeConversion rate
1960645,15 %
196164 + 3 Months4,9375 %
196264 + 6 Months4,975 %
196364 + 9 Months5,0125 %
1964655,05 %
YearAgeConversion rate
1960655,30 %
1961655,05 %


Funded status (estimated) as per 30 OctoberInterest on retirement savings capitalRecovery contribution rate
0% – 85%0%8%
85% – 90%0%4%
90% – 95%0%
95% – 100%0%


Funded status (estimated) as per 30 OctoberInterest on retirement savings capitalRecovery contribution rate
100% – 105%0,5%
105% – 108%1%
108% – 110%1,5%


Funded status (estimated) as per 30 OctoberInterest on retirement savings capitalRecovery contribution rate
110% – 116%2%
116% – 117%2,5%


Funded status (estimated) as per 30 OctoberInterest on retirement savings capitalRecovery contribution rate
117 % 2,75 %
118 %3,25 %
119 %3,75 %
120 %4,25 %
121 %4,75 %
122 %5,25 %
CharacteristicsGroup solution
Funded statusValuation at Vorsorgestiftung level
Funding of fluctuation reservesAt Vorsorgestiftung level (group solution)
Investment decisionsThe Pension Board determines the investment strategy for pension funds affiliated to the group solution.
Provider of investmentsAsga Pensionskasse
Decisions on use of returnsPension Board
Actuarial risks such as death and disabilityA stop-loss insurance contract is in force with Zurich Life Insurance Company Ltd, Zurich.
Plan design for the pension conceptIs the responsibility of the pension committee and can be structured in a flexible manner.
Handling of administrative tasksUndertaken by employees of Asga Pensionskasse.

per 31.05.2024

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The Pension Board behind Asga Vorsorgestiftung

The Pension Board is responsible for managing Asga Vorsorgestiftung. The Board consists of four members, comprising an equal number of employer and employee representatives.

Sergio Bortolin
Asga Pensionskasse, St. Gallen
Chairman of the Pension Board
Employer representative

Andreas Lehmann
Head of Human Resources
acrevis Bank AG, St. Gallen
Employee representative

Heinz Züllig
Head of Human Resources and Pension Fund
STUTZ AG, Hatswil
Employee representative