Ansicht der Immobilie "Zentrum Mardel"

Untersiggenthal (AG), “Mardel Centre” residential and business complex

The community of Untersiggenthal is located close to Baden, north of the Limmat River on a plateau. Directly on Landstrasse (corner of Mardeläckerstrasse) – a key road axis connecting Baden with Koblenz – 2021 will see the start of work (between the community hall and the Raiffeisenbank) on a new centre with a triple gymnasium, multi-purpose hall and village square plus our newly built Zentrumsüberbauung Ost (Centre Development East).

The development has a rectangular ground plan and is aligned with the planned triple gymnasium in the west. Occupying the north-west and south-east corners, two angular structures rise above a shop basement. Between them is a greened courtyard on the first floor serving as a play and relaxation area accessible via a wide flight of steps from the ground floor. In the south-west corner of the development directly by the generously proportioned square / parking area.

Current project status: Shell construction, occupancy from summer 2024

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