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Evatec – shaping the future

Evatec’s thin film technology can be found in offices, homes, our cars and all our devices. We may not be able to see them with the naked eye, but the thin layers produced on Evatec machines are everywhere.

Evatec’s thin film coating systems allow leading global manufacturers to offer solutions for autonomous driving, wearable technologies and devices and high-performance 5G mobile phone networks. LED headlights in our cars, power chips in electric vehicles, and the sensors and filters in our mobile phones used, for example, for face recognition, fingerprint scanners or data transmission, are coated using Evatec systems.

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Mr Wälti, can you tell us more about the key role that Evatec’s high-tech thin film coating equipment plays in the Internet of Things?

Our technology makes it possible to produce electronic components that are more energy-efficient and smaller. One good example is a mobile phone charger. A few years ago, these were still relatively large, today the electronics fit into a Swiss power plug.

What inspired you and Marco Padrun to establish Evatec AG?

Our belief in technology. And it was important for us to make a contribution and to do something we’re passionate about.

Andy Wälti