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Social partnership in practice: our association solution

To ensure self-employed persons without employees can access occupational benefits as well, Asga Pensionskasse has teamed up with management, business and professional associations to design three innovative pension solutions.

As a pension fund for the commercial sector as well as SMEs, we admire the idealism, initiative and perseverance that self-employment requires. In view of the tight financial circumstances frequently seen during the start-up phase, it is no surprise that the question of occupational benefits is not the top priority for self-employed persons with no employees – that is, people who are not legally required to have a second pillar. For established entrepreneurs too, occupational pension provision may only become an issue after a period of time – for example, when the requirements of their own family – as well as their business – cause them to sharpen their focus on the future.

A proven system. One solution for all.

Via our partner associations, self-employed persons without employees can join the pension fund and benefit from attractive savings options and risk cover. In this way, we help to prevent any nasty surprises from occurring when they retire. Even micro-entrepreneurs – in many cases women – often work in service roles where there are no professional associations offering BVG affiliation. That means they do not always find a provider they can join for the second pillar. With our pension provision for associations, we are pleased to have found a solution to this unacceptable state of affairs. This is very much in line with our cooperative ethos: We seek socially responsible yet pragmatic solutions and work hard on behalf of all our members.

Find out more about our association solutions at www.asga.ch/verband.