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How to stay voluntarily insured if you lose your job

Losing your job is always challenging. To protect older employees from the financial consequences of retirement, the Federal Government has created the option of voluntary continued insurance.

If your employer terminates your employment relationship after you have reached age 58, the option of voluntary continued insurance is available to you. The advantages? You remain protected against the risks of death and disability, you can continue making savings contributions and increase your retirement lump-sum capital, as well as profit from above-average interest.

As an insured, you have the option of at least continuing the risk insurance (disability and death) or additionally the retirement planning (savings process). The total contributions (employee and employer contributions) will be borne by you as the insured. The contributions break down as follows:

  • risk contribution
  • administrative fees
  • savings contribution (continued retirement planning)
  • any restructuring contributions in accordance with Art. 50, Sec. 3 of the Fund Regulation (employee contributions only)

To get a general idea of the annual costs, please consult your current insurance certificate. You will find the relevant amounts listed under the headings risk contribution, savings contribution and administrative costs.

Summary of key points:

  • Since 1 January 2021, any insured who loses their job after age 58 can opt to remain insured in the pension fund with no change in pension benefits.
  • Insureds have more scope when it comes to pension planning and can also draw their retirement lump-sum capital in the form of a pension on retirement.
  • Voluntary continued insurance can be terminated at any time and ends no later than on reaching retirement age or starting a new job.
  • Contributions must be voluntarily financed 100% by insureds.

For detailed information, please consult the following information sheet:

Please submit your application for voluntary continued insurance and for any changes using the following forms: